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I’m Rafał Wolsztyniak, a Architect / Developer from Poland with over 6 years of working experience with SFMC.

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  • What Emails Addresses Get Rejected by List Detective?​

    What Emails Addresses Get Rejected by List Detective?​

    Discover the 4 rules of email rejection: spamtraps, forbidden local parts, prohibited .com domains and Nobody’s domains and learn how you could potentially bypass them. See if a an email address would be deemed as invalid with a live test tool, REGEX patterns for fallback validation,…

  • Retrieving Ghost Data Values from Deleted Data Extension Fields

    Retrieving Ghost Data Values from Deleted Data Extension Fields

    Would you be terrified to learn that removing fields in data extension does not seem to remove their values from existing records? While working with SSJS a while ago, I discovered that the LookupRows function is able to retrieve “ghost data”.

  • HTML Table in Ampscript

    HTML Table in Ampscript

    Tabularize all the things! If you find yourself building internal tools like for non-SFMC users, you might need to display some data from SFMC in an table (either on a CloudPage or sent in an email to your team). Rather than reinvent the wheel each time…

  • I’m a 2023 Marketing Champion!

    I’m a 2023 Marketing Champion!

    🏆 Personal achievement: Unlocked! It feels unbelievable to be able to say this: I have been selected be one of the amazing Marketing Champions representing Salesforce Marketing Cloud! 🎉

  • ChartFormer library

    ChartFormer library

    SSJS Library for data visualization in Salesforce Marketing Cloud I’m designing and developing a new SSJS script library with the intention to make visualization of data stored in Marketing Cloud easier. The library is available in the ChartFormer Library repository on GitHub, but please consider this…

  • SFMC Tips and Tricks Challenge

    SFMC Tips and Tricks Challenge

    Sharing the wisdom Michał Rzepka started something amazing with his #SFMCTipsAndTricksChallenge on LinkedIn in which the members of the SFMC community were asked to share 3 tips about the system. Lots of people responded already sharing great tips for beginner and advanced developers alike. So, it’s my turn to…

  • Creating a Journey Builder log with Data Binding in the Update Contact activity

    Creating a Journey Builder log with Data Binding in the Update Contact activity

    Data Binding Let’s assume you want to introduce some basic logging in your journeys and would want to write who entered a particular path. There’s no communication on that path and you don’t want to rely on code running while the message is prepared (some people…

  • Ampscript Countdown

    I wanted to include a countdown in my Ampscript Wordle clone which would display the remaining time in of the following ways: Seemingly simple this one piece of information required a lot more code than I expected at first as we need to: Note I’ll admit…

  • Ampscript Wordle

    Ampscript Wordle

    Recreating the instant classic You might already be one of those people whose daily ritual includes solving the daily Wordle puzzle. Developed by Josh Wardle, this game has become a viral sensation and has probably made millions of people scratch their heads while searching for the right 5-letter…

  • Excelling at Dates

    Excelling at Dates

    Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! If you have ever wanted to analyze some data exported from Marketing Cloud in Microsoft Excel, you might have noticed most dates are displayed incorrectly: some behave like strings and some are dates that appear to be different than you had in your…

  • Ampscript Tic-Tac-Toe

    Ampscript Tic-Tac-Toe

    Have you ever wondered what fun things could be built with pure Ampscript? Yeah, Neither have I. I only thought about it for work. Inspiration Last year I was inspired by a documentary about video game creators in the 80’s and was amazed how they had…

  • Hello, SFMC World!

    Hello, SFMC World!

    Welcome to yet another technical blog about Salesforce Marketing Cloud from a certified Marketing Cloud Developer with almost 5 years experience and a history of short affairs with various programming languages and frameworks. There’s not much here at the moment, but rest assured that I will…