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This is a space for exploring what can be done with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

I’m Rafał Wolsztyniak, a Architect / Developer from Poland with over 6 years of working experience with SFMC.

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  • Hello, SFMC World!

    Hello, SFMC World!

    Welcome to yet another technical blog about Salesforce Marketing Cloud from a certified Marketing Cloud Developer with almost 5 years experience and a history of short affairs with various programming languages and frameworks. There’s not much here at the moment, but rest assured that I will…

  • Fizz Buzz Boing Bang Challenge

    Fizz Buzz Boing Bang Challenge

    Participation Award > Nothing​ In September I took part in the FizzBuzzBoingBang coding challenge organized by Cameron Roberts on his blog. Well, I didn’t do as well as I thought, but I still was able to get a honourable mention (be sure to head there to see a nice trick…

  • One More Time Challenge

    One More Time Challenge

    I won a coding challenge! was surprised to learn my code won in the “Efficiency” category of the “One More Time” coding Challenge hosted by the amazing people of HowToSFMC. The goal was simple: recreate the lyrics of the classic Daft Punk song using only Server-Side…