Create a Landing Page at the Root of your Private Domain

This is just a lucky accident that turned into discovering something I haven’t seen before.

Slow Monday morning here, I’m making a new Landing Page and I forgot about the URL and Site Key fields, before I clicked Next.

Lo and behold, I see something I haven’t seen before:

This really does seem like a nice feature that could be used for those curious customers that would be interested to see what else they could find at the URL they see in the address bar.

What can we put on a landing page like this?

  • Place an Easter Egg
  • Create a contact form to Customer Care
  • Redirect using Ampscript to the homepage of your company:

There’s no customer data that would allow us to see who entered this page – there are no URL parameters in query string, so we don’t see who entered the page.

Mateusz Dąbrowski found that this is a feature mentioned in the Summer ’23 Release Notes:

Specify Root Content for CloudPages Custom Domains

CloudPages custom domain users can now specify content at the root URL. Previously, if you used a domain such as, customers reached a 403 error if they accessed the root URL This change enables better management of CloudPage assets, superior navigation and search, and more customer trust.